Date: May 27, 2011

By: Bob Goodlatte

Today, the American people are facing one of the most challenging times in our nation’s history.  Our economy remains sluggish, people fear losing their jobs and their homes, and many are worried about the future their children and grandchildren will inherit. They are deeply concerned about the outlook for our great country and wonder if their children will grow up in the same America they did.  People are looking for real solutions to the problems we face. 

The American people are hurting and so nothing is more important to me than ensuring the future growth of our economy.  A few days ago House Republicans released our “Plan for America’s Job Creators” to get Americans back to work and to grow our economy. 

First and foremost we must pay down America’s unsustainable debt and start living within our means. Our skyrocketing deficit spending discourages investment and threatens to bankrupt our nation.  Reining in government spending will strengthen the dollar, control inflation and hold down interest rates, which all affect the affordability of loans for our nation’s economic engine – our small businesses. 
More than 90 percent of all American employers are small businesses and they generate approximately 70 percent of the new jobs created in the United States each year.  Small businesses are crucial to the American economy and account for a significant majority of new product ideas and innovation. 

The second component of our plan is to empower small businesses and reduce the regulatory burdens they face.  Congressional approval should be required for any regulations proposed by government agencies that have a significant impact on the economy or burden small businesses.  Congress should audit existing and pending regulations to identify and address those that hinder economic growth.  Small business owners across the country want to invest in their firms and hire new workers, and we must not let the Washington bureaucracy stand in their way. 

Thirdly, we must encourage entrepreneurialism by modernizing our patent system to protect our nation’s innovators and discourage frivolous lawsuits.  We must also improve the Food and Drug Administration product approval process to bring new pharmaceuticals and other products to consumers both safely and speedily.

Additionally, Congress must focus on policies that increase the competitiveness for American manufacturers.  Specifically Congress must act immediately to pass the three pending free trade agreements which could create as many as 250,000 jobs.  We must continue to open international markets to American made goods. 

Congress should also act to simplify the tax code which will generate economic expansion and create jobs by making America more competitive.

Finally, our inability to set a national energy policy is affecting all Americans and sapping the strength out of our economy.  The Congress must focus on policies which seek to lessen our reliance on foreign energy by encouraging all forms of energy production, allowing us to become energy independent.

We understand the serious problems our nation faces.  Our “Plan for America’s Job Creators” is a comprehensive agenda that will help create jobs and set America back on track toward a prosperous and free future. For more information on our “Plan for America’s Job Creators” please visit the House Majority Leader’s website at http://www.majorityleader.gov/Jobs/.

Additional Resources on the GOP Jobs Agenda:
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