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  • Goodlatte to Host Vietnam Veterans Commemoration
    Posted in Press Releases on March 20, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Veterans' Issues

    Congressman Bob Goodlatte announced today that he will host a Vietnam Veterans Commemoration on Thursday, March 30, in Staunton to honor the men and women who served our country during the Vietnam Era: “On March 29, 1973, the last combat troops were withdrawn from Vietnam. Tragically, when they returned to the United States, these veterans, like many who returned earlier in the war, were greeted with a cold, and at times hostile, reception. Their stories remind us that most returning veterans we... Read more

  • The VA Must be Held Accountable
    Posted in Columns on March 17, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Veterans' Issues

    Veterans deserve respect. It’s as simple as that. For generations, men and women have answered the call of duty to serve the country they love. They have defended us from our enemies and advanced the ideals of freedom and democracy around the world. However, their service has not come without sacrifice. Many have suffered the physical wounds of war, while others suffer from wounds we cannot outwardly see. It’s often said that we can never repay our veterans for their service, but we do have a re... Read more

  • Goodlatte Praises Committee Approval of Legislation to Honor Vietnam Veterans
    Posted in Press Releases on March 16, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Veterans' Issues

    Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) released the following statement upon House Judiciary Committee approval of the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act of 2017 (S. 305) by voice vote: “Our Vietnam veterans sacrificed so much for the cause of freedom, and they deserve recognition for their service. The American flag is one of the greatest symbols of liberty and democracy around the world, and displaying the flag from our homes, businesses, and government buildings is one important way to honor tho... Read more

  • Veterans Deserve Our Respect Every Day
    Posted in Columns on November 4, 2016 | Preview rr
    Tags: Veterans' Issues

    America’s veterans know the meaning of sacrifice. They’ve spent weeks, months, and years away from home and loved ones. They’ve missed birthdays, anniversaries, Thanksgiving dinners, and first steps. Some have experienced physical trauma that we can see while others carry their wounds on the inside. We wouldn’t know the freedoms we do today without the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines who have bravely made these sacrifices throughout our history. Their service is a debt that we cannot repa... Read more

  • Fixing the VA
    Posted in Columns on September 16, 2016 | Preview rr
    Tags: Veterans' Issues

    America’s veterans put their lives on the line for us. Throughout the history of our nation, brave men and women have faced great danger to protect the freedoms that set us apart from the world. Our veterans served us, and when they return home, it’s our turn to serve them. However, a lack of accountability within the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) continues to take a toll on the service provided to our veterans. These American heroes deserve nothing short of excellence, but time and time a... Read more

  • Goodlatte: Greater Accountability Needed at the VA
    Posted in Press Releases on April 20, 2016 | Preview rr
    Tags: Veterans' Issues

    Congressman Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.) and Congressman Jeff Miller (R-Fla.), Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, responded today to a report issued by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Office of Inspector General showing an “inappropriate prioritization of appeals” at the Roanoke VA Regional Office (VARO). Goodlatte and Miller recently toured the Salem VA Medical Center and held a roundtable with local veterans in Vinton. Congressman Bob Goodlatte: “Veterans put their liv... Read more

  • Veterans Deserve Choice
    Posted in Columns on March 25, 2016 | Preview rr
    Tags: Veterans' Issues

    Our veterans have done their duty to serve us. It is our now our duty to serve them. That’s the purpose of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (VA). While many veterans receive quality care from these VA facilities, we still hear horror stories in some parts of the country of long wait times, poor service, and, in some cases, downright negligence by health care providers. This should never be the case, and Congress is responsible for holding the VA accountable. There is no better way to hear ab... Read more

  • Connecting Veterans with Resources
    Posted in Columns on February 5, 2016 | Preview rr
    Tags: Veterans' Issues

    It’s not enough to say “thank you” just one day each year. Every day is an opportunity to remember those who have stood guard on distant battlefields and here at home to protect the liberties at the core of the United States. We owe them a deep debt of gratitude and our sincerest respect. Meeting these veterans and hearing their stories is one of the highlights of my stops around the Sixth District. Our part of the Commonwealth is home to thousands of men and women who have bravely served. For ... Read more