Seniors Issues

The hard work and determination of our seniors helped build this country into the great nation it is today, and we owe this generation of Americans a debt of gratitude.  I am committed to making sure the government keeps its promises to our nation's seniors.

For today’s seniors and future generations, we need a financially responsible and effective Medicare program that will be able to support beneficiaries while providing them with the high quality, affordable care they deserve.  We must also encourage all parties to come to the table and enact common-sense reforms to preserve Social Security and keep it solvent for current beneficiaries as well as strengthen Social Security for future generations of Americans.


  • I am a cosponsor of the Protecting Seniors' Access to Medicare Act (H.R. 1190), which repeals the establishment of an Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB) under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. H.R. 1190 passed the House of Representatives on June 23, 2015.
  • I am also a cosponsor of the Ensuring Seniors Access to Local Pharmacies Act (H.R. 793), which allows Medicare beneficiaries to have access to community pharmacies in underserved, including rural, areas as part of their Medicare Part D network. 
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