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For Immediate Release
May 3, 2012
Contact: Beth Breeding 202.225.5431


Washington, D.C.: Congressman Bob Goodlatte released the following statement marking the National Day of Prayer:

“Beginning in 1775, when the Continental Congress first sought the prayers of the colonies for wisdom in forming a new nation, Americans of all faiths have been invited to pray for this great nation on a National Day of Prayer.  Though politics may separate us from neighbors at home or abroad, with bowed heads, our prayers are heard by one Creator as we thank Him for the freedoms we all have as Americans and ask for wisdom and blessing as we continue to strive towards ‘a more perfect Union.’
I hope you will join with me on this first Thursday of May, as Americans officially have since 1988, and lift up the United States of America in prayer.  I will be thanking God for the service men and women who have fought for the freedoms we all enjoy as Americans, the blessing and honor He has given me as Representative of Virginia’s beautiful 6th Congressional District, and I will also be asking Him for continued guidance as our elected leaders seek to work for the good of the country.  May God bless and keep each of you.”

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