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September 12, 2012
Contact: Kathryn Rexrode 202.225.5431


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Bob Goodlatte, a senior member of the House Judiciary Committee, questioned witnesses during today’s House Judiciary Committee hearing on “The Obama Administration’s Abuse of Power.”  Witnesses included Senator Mike Lee (R-UT); Lori Windham, The Becket Fund for Religious Liberty; Michael Gerhardt, Constitutional Law Professor from the University of North Carolina; and Lee Casey, Partner at Baker Hostetler.

Two hundred and twenty-five years ago our Founding Fathers laid out their vision for our country.  As they carefully crafted our U.S. Constitution, they designed a system of checks and balances to ensure that no one branch of our government holds too much power and it specifically charges Congress, not the President, with writing the laws of our nation.

During today’s hearing Congressman Goodlatte questioned the expert panel on President Obama’s decision to repeatedly ignore Congress, our legislative body, and instead legislate from the White House on such important national issues as immigration, health care and defense policy.

Congressman Goodlatte stated, “The Constitution is a sacred contract between the federal government and the people in which the American people chose to bind themselves to a set of rules in order to protect their God-given freedoms from abusive leaders and government.  When politicians are allowed to confuse and blur the very clear limits the U.S. constitution places on Presidential authority, our liberties are threatened.”

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