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For Immediate Release
December 28, 2012
Contact: Beth Breeding 202.225.5431


Washington, D.C.:  Congressman Bob Goodlatte released the following statement urging the Senate to take action to rein in government spending and avoid the fiscal cliff:

“It’s time for the Senate to act. The House of Representatives has already passed legislation that would prevent significant tax increases set to go into effect in 2013.  We have offered alternatives to avert the fiscal cliff and rein in out of control spending, yet the Senate has failed to come to the table.  It is clear that we cannot address the fiscal crisis and looming tax hikes without addressing the root of the problem – spending and debt.  Congress has the opportunity and responsibility to change the spending culture in Washington and ensure that a strong America remains for generations to come. I urge the Senate to take action now to avoid the nation being saddled with higher taxes and skyrocketing debt.”


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