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For Immediate Release
June 26, 2014
Contact: Beth Breeding 202-225-5431


WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte released the statement below following the Supreme Court’s ruling that President Obama violated the U.S. Constitution by going around the Senate to appoint individuals to the National Labor Relations Board. 

Goodlatte: “I applaud the Supreme Court’s unanimous decision today finding that President Obama overstepped his constitutional authority by going around the Senate to appoint key officials to a labor agency. While it is not new for presidents to make recess appointments, President Obama took this to an unprecedented level. This abuse of the recess appointment process is in blatant violation of the Constitution since the Senate was not in recess. Not to mention that in bypassing the formal Senate confirmation process, the ability of the American people to properly examine the background or public records of the nominees was eliminated.  

“Unfortunately, this instance of President Obama violating the Constitution is just part of a broader pattern of ignoring or rewriting the laws Congress has passed. Time and again, President Obama has used his pen and phone to legislate by executive decree rather than work with Americans’ elected representatives. The House has passed legislation to stop President Obama’s executive overreach but the Senate has refused to act on it. That is why I strongly support Speaker Boehner’s decision to bring a lawsuit against President Obama for his lawlessness.” 

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