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January 6, 2015
Contact: Beth Breeding 202-225-5431


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Bob Goodlatte released the following statement today after introducing H.R. 27, the Tax Code Termination Act, in the opening hours of the 114th Congress: 

“In the coming weeks, many Americans will start the process of filing their taxes. Anyone who has done this before is well aware of the frustrations caused by our current tax code. Navigating the impossibly complex and ever-growing tax code is a major burden on families and businesses. The tax code should work for Americans – not against them.

“Even though tax reform has been discussed for many years, we have yet to see any major actions to simplify the tax code. We must force Congress to tackle tax reform head on. The best way forward is to scrap the current tax code and start fresh. That’s why I have introduced the Tax Code Termination Act. This legislation would allow us, as a nation, to collectively decide what the new tax system should look like. There are many competing alternatives, but having a set date to end the current tax code will force the issue and the debate to the top of the national agenda. Whichever tax system is adopted, I am certain that if Congress is forced to address the issue we can create a tax code that is simpler, fairer, and better for our economy than the one we are forced to comply with today.”

This legislation sunsets the current IRS tax code by December 31, 2019, and calls on Congress to approve a new federal tax system by July of the same year. This legislation has previously passed the House of Representatives twice, first in 1998 and then in 2000.

Thirty-two cosponsors have already signed on in support of this legislation. The Tax Code Termination Act has been referred to the House Committee on Ways and Means for further consideration. 

Letter of Support for H.R. 27 from the National Taxpayers Union - Click Here

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