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  • It’s Time to Turn Up the Pressure on North Korea
    Posted in Columns on September 22, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: National Security

    North Korea’s blatant defiance of the international community says it all. Under the leadership of the increasingly volatile Kim Jong-un, North Korea has aggressively pursued nuclear advancements and conducted a series of weapons tests, including launching two ballistic missiles over Japan in the past month alone. This brash behavior is not just a threat to South Korea and Japan. These are threats to the peace and security of the United States and the international community as a whole. This reg... Read more

  • Protecting Our Communities from Gang Violence
    Posted in Columns on September 15, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Immigration, House Judiciary Committee Issues

    Turn on the TV, and odds are that you can find a program or movie about gangs playing at any given time. While we’ve seen it on TV and in the media, gang violence seems more like a problem you’d find in New York or L.A. – not smaller cities and towns. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. Transnational criminal gangs, like MS-13, have made their presence known in almost every part of our country and are on the radar of law enforcement in communities throughout Virginia. The Department of Homeland ... Read more

  • Second Amendment Rights Don’t Stop at the State Line
    Posted in Columns on September 8, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: House Judiciary Committee Issues

    Law-abiding citizens should not forfeit their Second Amendment rights simply by traveling to another state. Read more

  • Taking Action Against Opioids
    Posted in Columns on September 1, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Health Care, House Judiciary Committee Issues

    Opioid addiction knows no boundaries. Age, income, education – there are no real criteria for those who become addicted. Right now, many communities in Virginia and across the country are in the midst of a drug epidemic fueled by opioids, like heroin and fentanyl. They’re cheap and easy to come by, and that makes them all the more dangerous. More than 91 Americans die each day from an opioid overdose. These drugs are destroying lives, families, and communities. Just a few days ago, I met with a ... Read more

  • We Need Pro-Growth Tax Reform Now
    Posted in Columns on August 25, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Tax Reform

    Why reform the tax code? The answer is simple – what we have today is not working for American families, workers, job creators, and the economy. Today’s tax code just doesn’t compete on a global level. Instead of bringing jobs and company headquarters to our communities, this lack of competitiveness has driven American jobs overseas. This, along with outrageous compliance costs and time devoted to navigating the tax code, holds back job creation. Most of all, it’s our friends and neighbors who d... Read more

  • Making the Case for Industrial Hemp
    Posted in Columns on August 18, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Agriculture

    Industrial hemp isn’t a new crop. In fact, hemp production was prevalent at the very beginning of our nation. Our Founding Fathers grew hemp for its fiber, and it was one of the largest cash crops in Colonial America. Thomas Jefferson even directed that “an acre of the best ground” at his Poplar Forest estate in Bedford County be kept as a permanent hemp patch. More recently, during World War II the federal government created a “Hemp for Victory” campaign to encourage cultivation of hemp fiber f... Read more

  • Encouraging a Robust Ag Economy
    Posted in Columns on August 11, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Agriculture

    Over the past few days, I’ve made stops at farms and agribusinesses up and down the Shenandoah Valley to learn more from farmers and producers in my district about how the current farm economy and federal policies are impacting their operations. From walking rows of watermelons at the Shenandoah Valley Produce Auction in Dayton to watching computerized machines milk cows in Rockbridge County, the agriculture industry in the Sixth District is as diverse as it is plentiful. One of the biggest take... Read more

  • Taking a Stand through Tougher Sanctions
    Posted in Columns on August 4, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: National Security

    The United States sent a strong message this week. The security of our country, and our allies around the globe, is of critical importance. That is why Congress took a stand against several countries that continuously threaten this security with aggressive actions. By signing into law tougher sanctions on North Korea, Russia, and Iran, the United States has sent a clear response that their bad behavior will not stand. Why sanction these countries? Open the newspaper almost any given day and you’... Read more

  • Getting the Budget Back in Balance
    Posted in Columns on July 28, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: Fiscal Responsibility, House Judiciary Committee Issues

    March 2, 1995, was a pivotal day in the history of our country. On that day, the U.S. Senate failed by one vote to send a balanced budget constitutional amendment to the states for ratification. The amendment had passed the House by the required two-thirds majority and the Senate vote was the last legislative hurdle before ratification by the states. In 1995, the gross federal debt stood at $4.9 trillion; today, it stands at nearly $20 trillion. If Congress had listened to the American people an... Read more

  • Fighting Human Trafficking Starts in Every Community
    Posted in Columns on July 21, 2017 | Preview rr
    Tags: House Judiciary Committee Issues

    Human trafficking is a problem in communities of every size, including here in Virginia. Read more