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  • Honoring Our Nation’s Heroes
    Posted in Columns on November 9, 2018 | Preview rr
    Tags: Veterans' Issues

    Because of their sacrifices, America owes all veterans the care and support necessary to help heal their wounds, transform their skills, and give them the tools they need to survive and succeed after war. Read more

  • The Continued Importance of the Constitution
    Posted in Columns on November 2, 2018 | Preview rr
    Tags: Constitutional Rights & Personal Freedoms

    We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Read more

  • Breast Cancer Awareness and Medical Innovation
    Posted in Columns on October 26, 2018 | Preview rr
    Tags: Health Care

    Millions of Americans are affected by breast cancer each year and during October we make a concerted effort to recognize the continuation of the fight for a cure. Read more

  • Getting America Back to Work
    Posted in Columns on October 19, 2018 | Preview rr
    Tags: Fiscal Responsibility, Tax Reform

    Due to the resolve of the people and regulatory reform instituted by this administration, Americans have grabbed hold of opportunities to create better jobs, increase their paychecks, and keep their hard earned money. Read more

  • The Renewable Fuel Standard Hurts Consumers
    Posted in Columns on October 12, 2018 | Preview rr
    Tags: Agriculture, Energy

    Did you know corn is used in nearly 75 percent of the food we buy? However, due to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) a large portion of corn is being diverted from food products into gasoline tanks. This has created an artificial market for the ethanol industry that has led to an undue burden on American consumers. I have been critical of the RFS mandate since its passage in 2005. Since then, I’ve introduced legislation in every Congress that would protect farmers and other stakeholders from the... Read more

  • Changing the Economy for the Better
    Posted in Columns on October 5, 2018 | Preview rr
    Tags: Tax Reform

    When the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was passed last year, American families won. They took home more of their hard-earned money and were able to save for their futures. Read more

  • Bipartisan Legislation to Combat the Opioid Crisis
    Posted in Columns on September 28, 2018 | Preview rr
    Tags: Health Care

    After months of bipartisan work by eight House committees and five Senate committees, this week a bipartisan agreement was reached on sweeping legislation to combat the opioid crisis. Read more

  • The Prosperity of Agriculture in America
    Posted in Columns on September 21, 2018 | Preview rr
    Tags: Agriculture

    While driving through the Sixth District of Virginia, it’s impossible to miss the rows of crops, fields of livestock, and family owned farms that have built the agriculture community that exists in Virginia today. However, many of these farms have seen their average take-home income decline nearly 52-percent over the last five years. Congress has taken action to address this through legislation that strengthens opportunities for rural farming communities and lifts restrictions on products such a... Read more

  • American National Security: A reflection since 9/11
    Posted in Columns on September 14, 2018 | Preview rr
    Tags: National Security

    America has always been known for its strength. Our economy, communities, government, and military have forever been the epitome of resilience, but on September 11, 2001, our nation was attacked and our strength was tested. The day began just like any other September morning, however by day’s end nearly 3,000 Americans had been taken from us and our nation was in mourning. That day, our brave first responders answered the call to action to defend our homeland, running towards danger without rega... Read more

  • Gas Prices Affect Americans’ Daily Lives
    Posted in Columns on September 7, 2018 | Preview rr
    Tags: House Judiciary Committee Issues

    The NOPEC Act expressly authorizes the Justice Department to pursue antitrust litigation against OPEC members, should it choose to, after considering any relevant foreign policy implications. Read more