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Goodlatte: President Willing to Sacrifice Constitution & National Security for Agenda

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Washington, DC, October 10, 2014 | Beth Breeding (20) | comments

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte issued the statement below after The Wall Street Journal reported that President Obama is considering plans to override the law and transfer detained terrorists from Guantanamo Bay to the United States.

Chairman Goodlatte: “Over the years, President Obama has repeatedly sought to close federal facilities in Guantanamo Bay and bring detained terrorists to the United States but both Republicans and Democrats in Congress have consistently rejected the President’s plan over and over again. Although the law is explicit that the President cannot transport these detained terrorists into the United States, President Obama once again seems willing to ignore the law to achieve his objectives. The President’s pattern of ignoring the law poses a danger not only to our Constitution and individual liberty, but also to national security. At a time when the Islamic State is killing innocent civilians, including Americans, how can the President even justify contemplating such a plan? President Obama has shown that he is willing to sacrifice both the Constitution and the security of the United States for his own agenda.”  

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